Build relationships with the best business intelligence solutions.

Explore the business intelligence solutions that allow you to build relationships with customers, who might be paying to use the products and services of your biggest competitors.
Number of COMPANIES that are currently in Qribe's dataset.

Number of CUSTOMERS that are currently using the companies.

Number of SEARCHES that are performed every week on Qribe.
introduce products
Offer more products to your competitor's customers.
unlock opportunities
Tap into your competitor's customer datasets.
acquire customers
Dive into your competitor's active customer base.
go global
Enter new markets in more than 120 countries.
control budgets
Spend less on marketing strategies that don't work.
boost profitability
Enhance the profitability of your business with rare data.
In the past, we've tried a number of B2B marketing tools, but the result was disappointing. Today, we use Qribe as our primary source of hard-to-find competitive customer data.
Director of B2B Marketing @ Wiskie

Qribe, Inc. is a business intelligence platform, where businesses of all types find the most timely, accurate, and reliable customer data of their competitors. We're able to do this with a dataset of more than 450 Million companies and 12.5 Billion customers, which is updated every 5 seconds.